Adriano Design | Adriano Design Introduces new products at Living Kitchen 2019 designed and developed for FABITA
Adriano Design is a Turin based product design studio. Adriano Design è lo studio di progettazione e design del prodotto basato a Torino
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Adriano Design Introduces new products at Living Kitchen 2019 designed and developed for FABITA

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In the occasion of Living Kitchen 2019, one of the world premieres of new kitchen furniture, electrical appliances, accessories to cooking and trend shows, Adriano Design is pleased to announce an array of innovative products designed and developed for FABITA, the Italian producer of kitchen appliances.


14 – 20 January 2019
Hall 4.2 – Stand B046
Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany

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Kitchen, reimagined 


The perfect solution for small spaces, office space, areas you need to temporarily transform into a kitchen, the magic of a campfire is brought into any indoors spaces we’d like to transform, this is Cucinotta.

A simple wooden structure supports an induction hub, a utility drawer (that may be transformed into a fridge) and a hood, all easily transportable to anywhere, attached only to a discreet red power cord.



Induction hub like never seen before


A revolution that changes the concept of the kitchen top, a cooking hub you can place when and where you need it, and then, once fulfilled it its purpose, you can hang it like a pan.
More freedom to arrange the cooking space, modularity, scalability, like a building block to build a cooking narrative, unthinkable magical scenarios of a new architecture to come. Ordine transforms and creates a new order … in the kitchen.



Induction hub that breaks the boundaries 


It follows us and assists us throughout the house, makes us coffee, prepares meals, recharges our electronics, keeps the bottles cool… like a true Butler really. Battista is a real furniture that follows un inside and outside the house to help with culinary preparations, transforming itself and the environment into new concepts of life. The mini kitchen for a lunch on the balcony or in the garden, in the living space for the 5 o’clock tea or beside the meeting table for preparing a a great MOKA coffee right in the middle of a meeting. It already feels indispensable, Battista!
Battista is available in corded or cordless versions with on-board battery.



Kitchen hood, kitchen shelves, meet design!


Where’s the hood? this is Enigma. A question and a stupefying answer, a perfect camouflage that makes the hood magically disappear. A simple, beautiful, linear shelf with two ceramic vases on top, this is what’s needed to treat the kitchen air. Enigma? yes, but a also the perfect solution everyone was looking for.



New ceiling mounted hood series


Sopra, like a canvas from Mondrian, rigorously breaks down the fills and voids to give a new ethereal order to ceiling mounted purifica systems. A well though and elegant intersection of metallic blades creates all the functional parts of the hood with a unique elegance, distinction and subtleness.



New wall mounted hood series


A line, a contour, a boundary made of air, air to draw in with discretion, in silence and to give back purified. A subtle line that describes a simple way to treat the air in the kitchen in a perfectly functional, efficient and rigorous way, ideal for any type of architecture.



New wall mounted hood series


Rational and minimalist like our times, it hangs on the wall in any architectural context, with its rotary nob controller, simple and clear in its functionality. Epoca does not shout out its presence, it rather writes a piece of kitchen history in our world.



New PURA component 


Pura is an extraordinary kitchen hood, that, thanks to its modular construction allows to have a hood as tall and as long as may be needed. Pura e Pensile (Pura and Shelf) ultimately expands the concept of “tailor made”, allowing to add a shelving module to which you may attribute any functionality as a container.
Pura e Pensile allows for built to measure installation, without any limits in configuration possibilities.


FABITA, whose turnover is increasing by 10% every year, is a young and dynamic Italian kitchen hood and induction hob manufacturing company based  in the beautiful region of the Marche, surrounded  by hills and olive trees. Fabita has started to live a  new life today, a transformation cured and directed by Adriano Design.

Two brand new product lines, the ‘Dream Line’ made up of ‘objects’ never before seen, with innovative features and scenarios that will create and enhance living spaces and uses thus  making users ‘feel new experiments ’ , and the  ‘Material Line’ which includes  smart, high quality products manufactured with materials typical to handcraft work yet governed by  logic, cost and  reliability typical to industrial production  .   Fabita is proud to have a  new logo, a new image, new graphics and  design, and a  variety of original and amazing new products to show and describe :  we are delighted today,  and would like to share along with you this new and  fantastic adventure of ours.


14 – 20 January 2019
Hall 4.2 – Stand B046
Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany
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