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Adriano Design is a Turin based product design studio. Adriano Design è lo studio di progettazione e design del prodotto basato a Torino
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Comodo, the induction cart!
Comodo, the induction cart!
Comodo-XL, the larger induction cart!
Comodo-XL, the larger induction cart!
Comodissimo, the larger induction cart with integrated battery!

A reticular steel frame becomes a cooking hob!
It looks more like an archetype of a kitchen cart, yet it is a true mini kitchen for induction cooking, with minimal highly functional design that fits in any indoor or outdoor space, big or small, classic or modern, at home or in the office. Comfortable in both name and fact.

A more spacious work top? that is Comodo XL. All the benefits of Comodo, with additional space to work on for placing items or small preparations.

Comodo XL is also available with an on board battery module to overcome cable barrier. This allows for cordless cooking anywhere around the house or office, that is Comodissimo!

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