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Adriano Design is a Turin based product design studio. Adriano Design è lo studio di progettazione e design del prodotto basato a Torino
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Ledalux is a heavy duty professional cordless LED inspection lamp suitable for use in workshops and construction sites.

Built to withstand impacts, trampling, falls, it is designed to be easily repaired over time by user, by simply using a.

It boasts the largest illuminating surface in its category and is ergonomically designed to satisfy the the most demanding working conditions, even when used with protective gloves.

Particular attention has poured into its ability to anchor and adjust, to ensure optimal illumination of the work area in any place and under any condition.

Use of quality polymers, the fact that each part of the lamp is easily repairable or replaceable guarantees a very long service life.

An innovative large reflector and a lens panel system for LEDs provides a well diffused, intense and comfortable lighting without glare.

The articulation of the upper body allows the lamp to adapt to various work situations while the implanted magnets and the retractable hook allows it to be placed with ease in all conditions inside machineries or in narrow areas difficult to reach.

An innovative electronic circuit allows constant lighting of the LEDs until the battery runs out without variations in intensity or color.

The battery is recharged by placing the lamp on its base with induction charging technology, a set of imbedded magnets insure the correct alignment required for optimal charging performance.

The charging base is also designed to accommodate and recharge mobile phones equipped with wireless charging technology.

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