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Adriano Design is a Turin based product design studio. Adriano Design è lo studio di progettazione e design del prodotto basato a Torino
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Completely overturn your idea of the fixed cooking space with Ribalto. If so much more time is spent preparing food rather than cooking it, then why should cooking systems permanently take up so much of our counter space?

Our answer to this problem is a thin hob (only 35 mm, thanks to Fabita’s patented electric heating elements hidden system that flips over to become extra counter space when not cooking, allowing for more prep space or additional guest seating. Practical, quick efficient and space saving: Ribalto is only there when you need it and quickly disappears when you don’t.

A new modern way to interpret the hob; be it in the kitchen or in any other space, such as the office, hotel rooms, bar counters or any other non conventional space.

Contrada Serralta 49| A, Serra San Quirico | Ancona _ Italy
TEL +39 0731 880300
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