Adriano Design | Storm Profilo selected to ADI Design Index 2021
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Storm Profilo selected to ADI Design Index 2021

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We are pleased to announce that Storm Profilo, the professional espresso machine designed by Adriano Design for STORM brand, is selected to the prestigious ADI Design Index 2021

Storm Profilo is the return to the analog interface.
An interface capable of managing the new espresso performances with sensitive gestures, with simplicity and confidence. All the parameters at a single glance. A rotation, a small movement and the values change.

With Storm Profilo we have followed up on our ideal of a timeless machine, one capable of surprising again and again, introducing an analog mixer capable of completely replacing the display and everything that represents the digital age.

An uncompromising analog system that erases the intangible artefact of the touch display and the cumbersome setup process made up of multiple menus and submenus.

Ever more precise gradations and parameters have ultimately brought the espresso machine to a more digital interface, on screens that emphasize the obsolescence of the proposals.

But the preparation of the coffee is done physically, with gestures and manual skills of the person who controls the machine. It is a culture, not a technology.

With Storm Profilo, gestures return to take the center stage of the espresso preparation ritual. An analog mixer allows you to manage the delivery curves on the fly and with precision.

A set of etched steel panels are exclusively produced by no less than DeCastelli, the renowned producer of one of a kind metal surface finishes, based on a texture drafted by Adriano Design.


The machine once again becomes a timeless object with a longevity given by cognitive mechanics.

Exclusive to Storm Profilo, etched steel panel by DeCastelli